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Weight Management Yoga

natural weight loss yoga

In this fast moving world, most are getting sick and stressed due to anxious lifestyles, terrible dietary patterns and lack of holistic nature, resulting fatigue, dejection and a huge number of other illness.  majority of the cause is due to bad food health and work lifestyle,the term Weight loss is not just about shredding the excess pounds that can be scaled with the weighing machine, it is more beyond the physical fitness and is easily achievable with yoga science. the members who undergone the yoga practice seen miraclous results without worries of diet in the fear of gaining weight. 3 months of regular session not just provides result inch wise and pound wise it is more than, that one feel so lite , relaxed, active, strong, healthier and more young and energetic by losing stress, depression, anxiety, worries, fatigue and all other challenging illness that prevent the natural healing.

The weight management Yoga is specially for people who are suffering with obesity, stiffness, bad postures ,weak joints, diabetics, high and low blood pressure, PCOD/PCOS, thyroid related issues, sexual related issues, stress, frozen shoulders, sciatica problems, slip disc problems, sport injuries, hormonal imbalance, conceiving related problems, menstrual disorders etc…
Yoga deals the weight management not just by exercise, yoga is purely a science oriented subjects that undertake the responsibility of human complete biological function like blood circulation, nervous system, excretory system, hormones ,brain function, psychological physiology etc… where all this are important for a healthy living, even a single lock or malfunction at any one system will lead to a possibility of serious health issues, the yoga contains kriya, asanas, pranayama, bandhas and many other natural healing sibling therapies like holistic approach of healing, reki, singing bowl, cluttering, Ayurveda, naturopathy etc…. to face any kind of illness, a unique kind of techniques that yogis develop through their yoga practice is that they can sense from each cells of the body and as well use their aura to connect with other soul to sense their cells with communication of their brain in understanding clues to the soul to track the path, through this it was always easy for a naturopath or a yogi or a healer to predict the illness of any person coming for healing their issues, and the specialty of our system is to find the root of the issues and stop it from causing further problems, at same time find the key to trigger the natural healing by fixing all the blocks and locks in the system of that human body.

More than text, the live presentation gives the actual screen of what we said, we provide trail classes for you to get experienced, For more details and offers please call us at 9560654607, 8130052704.