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Meditation Workshops

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Meditation is a bliss state where one attains the focus on living at present, the mind always struggles in understanding the body and brain communication, that one part of brain remains active to do a new stuffs or developing a stuff, whereas the other part take care of routine works that involved for cooperation to let the other part of brain to work in present without getting overloaded, when these two gets their work balanced,it automatically leads their meditation strength stronger. 

What is Meditation?

Meditation is actually a phase which can be attained and experienced, not easy to illustrate. To attain that phase one need to undergo the yoga arts like pranayama, bandhas, asana, kriya etc… to remove some blocks and clear the gate to travel the path of meditation. Everyone has the experience in meditation but it’s not understandable by the brain and mind to get in control to attain the path for fulfilling the needs of the harmony living, through guidance of teacher one can train the brain and mind to get that attention and achieve the fruit of meditation.



Meditation Workshop methods:

We organised workshop on meditation in activity based which will be with more of fun, interaction, exchange of thoughts, yoga classes, detox sessions, counselling, self-healing techniques, guided yoga nidra tour to learn bookmarking the tracks and many more special holistic healing techniques.
We prefer the workshops at outdoors like hill stations, beaches, resorts and forest camps, since it gives the detachments of current lifestyle stress locks for the duration during our workshop and let the energy flow like falls. 
We do conduct workshops on office, home, parks and community halls for the people who finds difficult in the beginning to steal time for their self-healing, but it was always positive with everyone who gained benefits from our workshops was able to balance their timing in choosing their lifestyle goals much easier.


We got expertise in guiding you the meditation path in most lovable ways that you wont be in need to compel yourself to struggle in practicing regular for attaining the flow, contact us and  take an appointment with our master to get your workshop demo arranged.

More than text, the live presentation gives the actual screen of what we said, we provide trail classes for you to get experienced, For more details and offers please call us at 9560654607, 8130052704.