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Shanka Prakshalan Kriya

Shanka prakshalan kriya

Shankha prakshalan Kriya means the word Shankha referring "conch" and prakshalan referring “wash completely”. The word shankha is defines the alimentary canal from mouth to anus. It is also called as "varsar dhouti".it is a most preferred ayurvedic technique on physical purification and transformation. Shankha prakshalan Kriya is the process that cleans the complete debris from the intestinal tract by rapid movements of water that mixed with salt and lemon in ratio of guided measurements relating with the physical health and age factors.

This method of Detoxification requires minimum 3hrs for the teachers to provide the guidance from the starting stage till the 1st meal time, its always requested to understand the process completely and practice with dedication in the trust over the instructions of the teachers who is guiding for the better result, this cleansing technique is only suggested for yearly once or twice according to the health and age factor of the person wanting to do.

the result of this detoxification is always a landmark, so why this yoga technique is suggested as priority by most of top level yoga gurus and naturopathy centres, where it really helps in opening up several locks of stress that is locked inside due to poor health system, post practice of shankaprakshalan is always succesful in promoting better immune and good metabolism to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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watch the video for visual reference of the method of practice that carried out