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Shat Kriya

Shat Kriya

Yoga has six important cleansing techniques which preffed as a master tool to cleanse whole body to union the sytem mechanism cooperative during the path of meditation, which the techinque is termed as shatkarmas in sanskrit. These techniques are highly valuable in healing all the possible internal disorders. The six practices of shatkarmas are as follows:

1. Neti -meant for nasal passage cleaning, type are like jala neti (water based) and sutra neti(threading based).

2. Dhauti -meant for cleansing the digestive tract, kunjal, vastra dhauti, mughdhauti etc.

3. Nauli -meant for alingning the collen, cleansing the air traps between the colon and inside the colon.

4. Basti -meant for cleaning the debris and unwanted metals from intestine.

5. Kapalbhati -kapal means skull, bhati means cleansing, the only art to cleanse the brain naturally, as well it further helps in recharging the nervous system, a powerful cleansing techniques with various methods for various healing.

6. Trataka - cleansing techniques to clear the retinal mobility and mechanism ,which helps to boost the vision as well meditation strength, as well a good techniques to control certain migraine issues.

The shatkarma a powerful practice should never be learned from books to practice. It need a visual guidance or a experieced guide adivise support to every begginers, else it can lead to serious damages to glands and organs, so kindly requested only to undergo with expert guidance if you never had experience or knoweledge over it earlier.

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