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Pregnancy Yoga Care

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It really more important to watch out your pregnancy health to save your child not just over your delivery but also till the time of its adult hood, since the pregnancy period matters the health of womb to develop good health from the stage of feotus growth till the health of delivery process in keep the immune stable and stronger between both the mother as well the child growing inside the womb.

We got experienced and good hospitality care based teachers got records of successful normal delivery in less labour pains, as well we guide to overcome the postnatal and prenatal pregnancy depression which is the major reasons for multiple post pregnancy illness.
Prevention is better than cure, if you are planning for baby or already conceived or already parenting ,but lacking guidance and care support for becoming a healthy parent, then you reached the right place, connect with us and learn the courses of training related to pregnancy and healthy parenting. Never drop the idea that you are late, anytime at any stage is always something good for better understanding, don’t wait anymore call us and get to know your stage of courses and duration for getting your parenting health beautiful and blessed with our holistic way of yoga flows and meditation.


Pregnancy Yoga care

is purely a holistic process to get your angels into the world with wonderful health and super stronger immune to fight against all the illness that are waiting to attack the poor childrens during their time of growth to a adult, the yoga practices like kriya, asanas, pranayama, bandhas specially selected and designed for the pregnancy yoga care classes guide the body to build good health for the brain in fighting the mood swing due to hormonal changes during the stages of pregnancy, as well promoting the immunity of mother stronger in protection of the womb through cleansing all the toxins in fast way without tiring the physiology that always ending up in breaking of health system of baby growth, and much more deeper science that yoga helps the mother body to develope the stronger shield to get concieve , build stronger immune in protecting the baby and promote healthy delivery with lesser labor pains too.


Our courses of starters are like core training, meditation, hormone balancing with defined basic yoga arts.
Our courses of pregnancy are like prenatal yoga I, II, III, IV and postnatal yoga I, II, III
Our courses of healthy parenting are like mom & child bonding, meditation to adopt generation gap, mom and child yoga classes.

More than text, the live presentation gives the actual screen of what we said, we provide trail classes for you to get experieced, For more details and offers please call us at 9560654607, 8130052704.