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Detox yoga means detoxification of the body with yoga kriya methods that helps in removing all the unwanted materials that blocking the natural healing process of the body, due rushing lifestyle many of us don’t

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Holistic Healing Therapies helps in ailment with natural sources and their nature connected practices, which is also termed as "natural therapies". The idea of natural therapy is based on folk medicine, rather being

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In this fast moving world, most are getting sick and stressed due to anxious lifestyles, terrible dietary patterns and lack of holistic nature, resulting fatigue, dejection and a huge number of other illness.  majority of the cause is

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It really more important to watch out your pregnancy health to save your child not just over your delivery but also till the time of its adult hood, since the pregnancy period matters the health of womb to

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Meditation is a bliss state where one attains the focus on living at present, the mind always struggles in understanding the body and brain communication, that one part of brain remains active to do a

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Our agenda to promote awareness in spreading Naturally charged Yoga Studios around the world which creates a space that genuinely sum up Yoga in an agreeable, fun, natural and spiritually guided art,we promote

Who are we?Natural Yogis Yoga Organisation

Natural yogis is not a property or subject that one owns, its actually a blessed name which is developed into a life that living for the survival of promoting holistic health from the various yoga artist who served specialization with naturally healing medicine to their circle of aura, it was named by the ascendant masters of Yogi Noblesrinivasan during the year of 2012,where when he wanted to promote the naturally healing knowledge that has been gifted to him since his childhood. Yoga and Natural science is always in his blood stream, which gave him the confidence on his path to carry over the holistic path during the time of Master degree in Yoga at Tamilnadu physical education and sports university, since he didn’t find difficulty in studying any subjects, where he somewhere felt its already there in his flow, then as the time he realized, he started receiving more support from the universe by connect various specialist with multiple natural arts. Since by his subconscious meditation power, he has the connection with several masters who always back boned and guided him into developing his journey into the natural health awareness agenda, where Read more

A person with unique thought, vision of approach in wide angle and deep perspective, which makes him to explore results without much stress in his journey. he had healed many people illness in less time line, always find the root cause of the health issues with simple natural techniques with the yoga arts and deep meditation skills, which plays a vital role of his natural living presence toom. the major goal is to keep spreading the natural living experience of his life and tackle any health issues with natural healing technique and make major group of society to live more lovable and naturally thriving smiles around the globe.

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